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The "Thriller" house

The "Thriller" house


The creepy house from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video.


1345 Carroll Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

Note: this is a private home. It's okay to take photos from the street, but be sure not to trespass or do anything to disturb the residents!


My pal Alex is a huge fan of both "Charmed" and Michael Jackson. Luckily for us, the Halliwell house from "Charmed" and the haunted house from the "Thriller" video are on the same Los Angeles street!

If you're a fan of MJ or the 80s in general you should remember this house from the epic "Thriller" video:

Here we are living out an 80s dream:

The house still looks pretty "Thriller"-y, which is awesome! Just down the street at 1329 Carroll Avenue is the "Charmed" house!


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc and Alex Jackman
Address found via IAMNOTASTALKER

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