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The Rammer Jammer from "Hart of Dixie"

The Rammer Jammer from "Hart of Dixie"


The Rammer Jammer, a mainstay of fictional Bluebell on "Hart of Dixie", is a restaurant where most of the characters go to eat and a few of the characters (Wade, Lemon) have gone to work.


Warner Brothers Studio
3400 W Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA


"Hart of Dixie" is all about Southern living... but it's not filmed in Alabama. The Bluebell scenes are filmed at Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank, CA. In fact, it's filmed right in the same town square setting as "Gilmore Girls" and "Pretty Little Liars".


One of the major hangouts on "Hart of Dixie" is the Rammer Jammer, where the servers are surly and all the food is fried. The Rammer Jammer employs Wade and even Lemon, and it's where many of the townsfolk come to eat and gossip. There they hold an annual Gumbo Cook-off (which Brick Breeland always wins) in the restaurant which boasts a rustic, nautical-meets-backyard-barbecue decor.

RammerJammerInterior 3.png
RammerJammerInterior 2.png
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Unfortunately the Rammer Jammer is not a real restaurant - it's a facade and soundstage at Warner Brothers. The exterior is filmed in the jungle area of the WB backlot, as you can tell by the lush greenery surrounding Lavon and Zoe on their walk up to the restaurant:


The exterior of the Rammer Jammer shows up a lot. You can see the green trim and the windows in the background of this shot of Zoe, Annabeth, and Lemon from episode 103, "Gumbo and Glory":


In episode 106 there are even tables set up outside the Rammer Jammer, where Wade serves Zoe coffee:


To the left of the Rammer Jammer there is a big barn, which has been seen on "Hart of Dixie" as well. In episode 102, "Parades and Pariahs", it's where everyone works on floats for the parade.


Sometimes they make it look like the barn is part of the Rammer Jammer or is its own eatery by putting a neon crab sign on top of it. You can see that behind Wade in episode 106 when he serves Zoe coffee outside.

The interior of the barn was used when Zoe and George went to a Farmer's Market and Zoe and Brick tended to an injured man:


You can check out the exterior of the Rammer Jammer and the barn by taking the Warner Brothers VIP Tour or the Deluxe Tour.


The jungle area is usually one of the featured stops on the tour, and it includes the Rammer Jammer and barn as well as Wade's cabin, the pond, and the area where they set up the farmer's market in episode 103, which is the same dirt road where Zoe once thought she saw a ghost.


This set has also been used as Merlotte's on "True Blood", as Noel Kahn's cabin and as the Lost Woods Resort on "Pretty Little Liars", as well as a biker bar on "The Mentalist".


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc and Thom the Tour Guide

Bluebell Community Church from "Hart of Dixie"

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