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The Averitt Center from "Now and Then"

The Averitt Center from "Now and Then"


The Averitt Center for the Arts, as seen in the 1995 film "Now and Then".


Averitt Center for the Arts
33 East Main Street
Statesboro, GA


The coming-of-age film "Now and Then" is a 90s classic, and it was filmed in and around Savannah, Georgia. A lot of the Main Street scenes were filmed in Statesboro, which is a cute town about an hour outside of Savannah.

The Averitt Center for the Arts features in the film when the main characters Roberta (Christina Ricci), Samantha (Gaby Hoffman), Chrissy (Ashleigh Aston Moore), and Teeny (Thora Birch) visit their town library to try to learn more about Dear Johnny. Unfortunately the library doesn't have what they need, but the girls enjoy some popsicles on the curb outside and decide to ride their bikes to a different town's library to get the information they need.


The Averitt Center stands in for the exterior of the library and, though the curb in front has changed a bit over nearly 20 years, you'll recognize the Center's columns behind the girls in the above screen caps; they still flank the entrance to the building. You'll also recognize the movie theater marquee in the background down the street.


This corner of North Main Street also shows up in the background of the diner scene when the girls look out the window at Mrs. Albertson:


You can see the columns of the Averitt Center in the background, and you can see the movie theater marquee when Samantha's mother walks by it, looking like Nancy Sinatra.

When you visit, look for the telltale columns that are distinctive from the movie! And directly across the street from the Averitt Center is the Bulloch County Courthouse, which also makes an appearance in the film.


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc and Patti LeBlanc

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