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My Lambeau Field engagement

My Lambeau Field engagement


Last Christmas my boyfriend Aaron surprised me and my family with tickets and sideline passes to the Green Bay Packers game of our choice for the 2018 season. My dad grew up watching the Packers with his dad, and I grew up watching the Packers with my dad. We're big fans and visiting Lambeau Field in Green Bay has been on my dad's bucket list for a while. It was an awesome surprise and something we could look forward to for almost a whole year.


Fast forward to this September, and the plans were made. My parents, Aaron, and I would be attending the September 30th game against the Buffalo Bills. We flew in to Milwaukee on the morning of the 29th, had a delicious breakfast at the Pancake House, and then headed north to Green Bay, where we visited the Hall of Fame in the atrium and then took the Champions Tour, which allowed us to explore the stadium a bit, run out of the tunnel, stand field-side, and get some great photo ops. We all had an amazing time - there were so many goosebumps-worthy moments, and I was super thrilled for my dad since it was something he'd wanted to do for such a long time. I'm so glad we got to go there together.


The next day, the 30th, we headed back to Lambeau Field for the game! We got there early because we had sideline passes (so cool), which meant we were free to wander the sideline for about ninety minutes before the game. When we got down to the end zone, we stopped to take some photos. Aaron and I posed as my mom (who has obsessively documented most of my life with one camera or another - thanks Mom) snapped away. Then Aaron said he had a question to ask me, and he wanted to do it in a place that was special to me and my family. He got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked me to marry him.


I said yes! (Duh.) It wasn't until after he slipped the ring on my finger and it fit perfectly that I found out it was a family heirloom - his grandmother's engagement ring from 1936. That was a heart-melter. It meant a lot to me. After the proposal, and after I excitedly called my brother, I found out that my parents had known all along! Earlier in the week Aaron had asked my dad for his blessing, and my mom had even brought bridal magazines with her to prove that she'd kept the secret, haha. Something I failed to notice: when we'd gone through the metal detectors on the way into the stadium, Aaron had set it off and had to take the ring out of his pocket to be inspected by the security guard. He was terrified I'd see it, but I was a few detectors down because I had to have my bag searched -- a lucky moment!


We giddily spent the rest of our time strolling the sideline (Aaron Rodgers was very close to us and I swooned and Aaron said, "well, our engagement was fun while it lasted") and then got to watch a Packers victory! I even got congratulated by the daughter of former Packers player Boyd Dowler (who scored the first touchdown in the famous Ice Bowl), as she was sitting in front of us and overheard my mom and I talking. And later, a photo of Aaron and I appeared on the jumbotron! What more could a cheesehead ask for?


Aaron and I are getting married on October 13, 2019. More details to follow. :) #ForBetterOrMorse

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