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Frank's Bagels from "Grace and Frankie"

Frank's Bagels from "Grace and Frankie"


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the grounds of Paramount Studios, which stands in for Frank's Bagels in the third-season finale of "Grace and Frankie".


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA


Netflix's great comedy "Grace and Frankie", starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, films at Hollywood's Paramount Studios, and production makes great use of the studio lot. For instance, in the thirteenth episode of the third season, Sol (Sam Waterston) leads a protest of Frank's Bagels. Frank's is the best bagel place in town, but unfortunately is owned a run by a bigot (who'd protested the play starring Martin Sheen's Robert, because the theater group is made up of gay men and women). Sol and his friends from the theater group make it their mission to mess up Frank's business like he messed up the play.


In this scene, Frank's Bagels is actually the Coffee Bean & Tea Life on the grounds of Paramount Studios.  The Coffee Bean is where you'll mill around before your tour if you decide to explore Paramount (which I recommend). It also contains the studio's gift shop, where you can get Paramount-themed souvenirs.


The design above the door is super recognizable, so keep an eye for it in other shows that film at Paramount, because I'm sure you've seen it before; in fact, it was the Lima Bean on "Glee"! And, incidentally, this isn't even the first time "Grace and Frankie" has used this coffee shop. In the pilot episode, it's in the background of Sol and Robert's lunch:


The red umbrellas under which Robert and Sol are sitting are also visible in the above screenshots from Sol's protest in "The Sign".


The tables Robert and Sol where Sol and Robert are eating are really there on the little lawn across from the Coffee Bean at Paramount; in fact, I've seen Dean Cain and Sasha Alexander there while I was waiting for my tours to start! I definitely recommend taking the Paramount tour, where you'll see this spot as well as others from "Grace and Frankie" and many other shows!


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc and Alex Jackman  

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