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Event: "The Mindy Project" PaleyFest Panel

Event: "The Mindy Project" PaleyFest Panel

WHERE Dolby Theatre, Hollywood & Highland
WHEN March 25, 2014


This group of people must be my favorite cast currently on TV. "The Mindy Project" makes me laugh every week and makes me die while waiting for the next new episode. The struggle is real. But knowing that the actors and writers of the show are amazingly sweet and funny people makes me very very happy and willing to forgive a painful hiatus after an awesome cliffhanger.


"The Mindy Project" was honored by PaleyFest for the second time tonight, this time at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The entire cast was in attendance except for Adam Pally, who is currently filming a movie with Nancy Meyers. And - lucky lucky lucky us - they showed us the new episode, which doesn't air until April 1! I died.


The episode was great, obviously, and the whole panel was hilarious. The cast is so great, genuinely fond of one another, and super sweet to the fans. Ike's impressions of everyone from Chris Messina to Mindy Kaling to Ed Weeks to James Franco are super on-point and the absolute funniest thing. Ike himself is also SUPER nice, like, nicest-ever league. I got to ask a question from the audience, and I asked about the funniest things that happened on-set that weren't in the script. They said a lot of the airplane-bathroom fumbling between Mindy and Danny was accidental (and that Mindy fell right over and hit the deck hard on one take) and also Morgan wrapping Mindy in a pizza box was unscripted. (Love that!)


The whole cast was great about signing autographs, chatting with people, and trying to take photos. They were very gracious and spent a lot of time out on stage with us, even though their handlers were trying to drag them away.


Chris Messina, especially, stayed out forever and was so nice and basically had to get dragged offstage. He's basically a perfect human specimen, so what do you expect?


I adore this whole cast and can't wait to see the final eight episodes of this season, which are said to be like a mini-series with a self-contained arc. It's going to be amazing!


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Photos by Christina LeBlanc

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