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Cupcake shop from "Castle"

Cupcake shop from "Castle"


A cupcake shop where a dead body pops up on a fifth-season episode of "Castle".


Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Ave
Hollywood, CA


ABC's dark but funny detective series "Castle", starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, is filmed mostly at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, but sometimes crosses the street to film at Paramount when it needs a New York City street as a backdrop. (The show is set in NYC but filmed in Los Angeles.) Unfortunately, Raleigh does not offer tours to the public; however, Paramount does! It's not the official home of "Castle", but there will definitely be some NYC scenes you'll recognize.

I recently took a deluxe tour of Paramount Pictures, and one of the sets we got to walk through on their New York City street was one that had just been used for the filming of Castle's "Wild Rover" episode - season 5, episode 18 - in which a baker was murdered in his own cupcake shop.


You can see the dressed-up set of the cupcake shop's exterior in the screen cap above, as Castle and Beckett make their way to the crime scene. Here's how it looked when I was there, after the film crew had left:


Below is a screen cap of the interior of the shop, as Castle and Beckett interview the deceased's assistant:


On the tour, it was no longer dressed for filming, but you can tell it's the same windows, especially since you can see the same view outside.


There were still a few cute touches from the filming left over. For instance, one of the walls still boasted cupcake wallpaper. I snapped a photo in front of it:


You can see the wallpaper in this screen cap from the show, behind Esposito:


The "Castle" crew also left the menu from the cupcake shop behind:


You can see it in the episode in this screen cap, behind and to the right of Castle:


There was one other funny touch left over from the "Castle" filming:


Yes, that's right -- leftover blood spatter still on the wall!

Same, Castle. Same.

Same, Castle. Same.

(This space was also used for the café at the beginning of "Bridesmaids"!)


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc

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