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Cast of "Glee" mall tour

WHAT Mall tour / signing by the cast of FOX's new show "Glee"
WHERE Natick Mall, Natick, MA
WHEN August 17, 2009



I loved the pilot episode of FOX's new show "Glee", so I was excited when it was announced that the cast would do a mall tour and signing. The closest they were coming to me was Natick, MA - a few hours away - and to get into the signing you had to buy a "Gleek" t-shirt from Hot Topic. Luckily, my friends Alex, Cyndi, and I were able to make a detour to the mall while en route to a concert a bit south of it in Massachusetts. T-shirts: procured. A week and a half later, Alex and I trekked back to Natick to meet the cast of "Glee".


Both of us were really attached to Artie from the pilot, so while we were at the mall waiting we bought a 3-way best friends necklace and decided to give 1/3 of it to Kevin McHale. Dorks alert. But it was really funny, because when I got to him in the signing line he was like "I like your necklace!" and I was like "Good! Because we got one for you!"


The cast members at the signing were Chris Colfer ("Kurt"), Amber Riley ("Mercedes"), Jenna Ushkowitz ("Tina"), Kevin McHale ("Artie"), Cory Monteith ("Finn"), Lea Michele ("Rachel"), Dianna Agron ("Quinn"), and Mark Salling ("Puck"). Everyone was really nice. I didn't love Finn that much in the pilot, but Cory Monteith was so funny and sweet that now I know he'll be a new fave.


After the signing, the cast came out into the mall and spoke to the crowd for a few minutes before heading out. They were all adorable, plus we got to see some previews of what's coming up on the season ("Push It" by Salt'n'Pepa, for one). It was a cool experience and totally worth the drive.



Written by Christina LeBlanc
Photos by Christina LeBlanc

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