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Borchert Hall from "Community"

Borchert Hall from "Community"


Borchert Hall, part of the fictional Greendale Community College campus from "Community".


Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA


Well, Human Beings, the day has finally come: our beloved "Community" has been canceled by NBC. It is tragic, really; however, I'm glad that I was lucky enough to visit some of the locations where "Community" was filmed and to meet its cast while the show was still on the air. [Update: thank you, Yahoo!] One spot that was fun to see was Borchert Hall, which came into play in the fifth season, as we learned about the mysterious Russell Borchert, who may have had sex with a computer, and who may have set aside money that could save Greendale. We'd seen the entrance to Borchert Hall in earlier seasons, though. It's supposedly where the campus swimming pool is and has shown up in the background of several scenes:


In reality, Borchert Hall is just the side of a soundstage (opposite the one in which "Community" filmed) dressed up to look like part of a college campus.


My cousin Alana and I, who are both big fans of "Community", spotted the doors to Borchert Hall while on a tour of the Paramount studio, and asked our tour guide to stop so we could check it out. He did, and also kindly took a photo of us posing.


I immediately printed the photo at a Rite Aid on Larchmont Blvd and had the cast sign it at their PaleyFest panel later that night.

While the "Community" sets have certainly been disassembled at Paramount, if you take their tour you'll still be able to see some of the exterior spots used for the campus and may get some fun stories out of your tour guide!


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc and Jason the Tour Guide

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