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Beso from "New Girl" and "The Hills"

Beso from "New Girl" and "The Hills"


Beso, a Los Angeles restaurant owned by Eva Longoria, which has frequently appeared on screen.


6350 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA


In episode 221 of "New Girl", Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) try to go on a date, but they can't get on the same page. And when it seems like everything is finally going right, Jess's ex Russell (Dermot Mulroney) - who, according to Nick, is "the only man [they] both loved" - shows up and makes them evaluate their date.


The restaurant Nick takes Jess to is Beso in Los Angeles, CA, which is co-owned by "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria. The bar/restaurant's website describes Beso as "romantic, eclectic [and] contemporary"... kind of like "New Girl", eh?

The show made no effort to mask the location's name; since "New Girl" is set in Los Angeles, it is entirely plausible that the characters could go to an actual Hollywood restaurant (though Nick and Jess could not normally afford this kind of night out!). It's also entirely possible that Beso paid "New Girl" to be included in an episode. (I don't know the details of this particular situation, but sometimes the owners of a filming location will work out deals where their business's name/location appears in the episode if they contribute financially to the episode or offer the production special filming privileges.)

If you look at this photo from Beso's website, you can see the exact spot where Nick & Jess sat on their date:


Compare it to this still from the episode:


You can clearly see the stairs and the open area behind them in both photos.

Beso seems to be a favorite for awkward dates: on "The Hills", Stephanie had a date here with pal Lauren's ex, Doug, in fourth-season episode "When Lauren's Away...".


Want to try Beso? Entrees will run you between $25 for chicken fajitas and $95 for a 48 oz. Porterhouse. Appetizers are less pricy if you're on a budget. According to In Style magazine, celebs dine here regularly, too, including Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Victoria Beckham, and Orlando Bloom.


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photo from Beso's website

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