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    Saved by the Max

    LOCATION Saved by the Max, a “Saved by the Bell”-themed restaurant based on the classic Max diner from the beloved 90s teen sitcom! ORIGINAL CHICAGO ADDRESS 1941 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60622 CURRENT LOS ANGELES ADDRESS 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA savedbythemax.com STORY & PHOTOS I visited Saved by the Max on a September 2016 visit to Chicago, but I didn’t realize until the creators were about to open their new Los Angeles location that I never wrote about the original! So here it is, my experience at a supremely “Saved by the Bell”-themed restaurant. (And, yes, I was a total dork and wore a “Saved by…

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    Kitson from “The Bling Ring”

      LOCATION Kitson, where Rebecca (Katie Chang) and Mark (Israel Broussard) go on a shopping spree with stolen money in “The Bling Ring”. ADDRESS Kitson 115 South Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, CA shopkitson.com STORY & PHOTOS Where are a couple of trendy, rich-by-theft kids supposed to go in 2009 Los Angeles?  Kitson, of course. In “The Bling Ring”, the Sofia Coppola film based on the true story of teenagers who burgled celebrity homes a few years back, main characters Mark and Rebecca go on a shopping spree at Kitson on Robertson Boulevard after stealing cash (and joyriding in a car) from one of Mark’s acquaintances who’s out of town.

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    Le Pain Quotidien from “Scream 3”

    LOCATION A café/restaurant where Gale and Dewey met up in “Scream 3”. ADDRESS Le Pain Quotidien 8607 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA lepainquotidien.com STORY & PHOTOS In “Scream 3” Gale (Courteney Cox) and Dewey (David Arquette) meet up to chat; their conversation takes place at the Replay Cafe in West Hollywood:

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    Harper House from “Scream 3”

    LOCATION The home where Cotton Weary (Liev Schriber) lived with his girlfriend Christine (Kelly Rutherford) in “Scream 3”. ADDRESS Harper House 1334/1336 North Harper Avenue West Hollywood, CA STORY & PHOTOS At the beginning of “Scream 3”, we find Cotton Weary (who’d previously been convicted – and later cleared – of Maureen Prescott’s murder, which he parlayed into a book deal for “Scream 2”) as a successful talk show host. Unfortunately for Cotton, the new Ghostface wants to tie up some loose ends – so Cotton and his girlfriend Christine are in trouble. As Cotton is driving home he gets a menacing call from Ghostface and learns that Christine is in…

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    Blowfish Sushi (NOW CLOSED) from “The Hills”

    LOCATION Blowfish Sushi, the location for Jason’s birthday dinner on the first season of “The Hills”, which is unfortunately now closed. ADDRESS Blowfish Sushi 9229 W Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA STORY & PHOTOS MTV’s popular docu-drama “The Hills” showcased pretty people drinking, dating, and drama-ing in the glittery town of Hollywood, CA. Since “The Hills” is a “reality” show, many of the restaurants, clubs, and other locales are easy to find and visit if you’re in the L.A. area.