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    Miceli’s Italian Restaurant from “Dexter”

    LOCATION Miceli’s Italian Restaurant, where Dexter (Michael C. Hall) takes Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) in an eighth-season episode. ADDRESS Miceli’s Italian Restaurant 1646 N Las Palmas Avenue Hollywood, CA micelisrestaurant.com STORY & PHOTOS “Dexter” is set in Miami, but is actually filmed in and around Long Beach and Hollywood, CA.

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    Houses from “Dexter”

    LOCATION Several homes used on “Dexter”, including the home where Rita (Julie Benz), Dexter (Michael C. Hall), Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), Harry (James Remar) and Angel (David Zayas) lived. ADDRESS 2348 & 2354 San Anseline Avenue Long Beach, CA 2431 Chatwin Avenue Long Beach, CA 5570 & 5561 E Rolanda Street Long Beach, CA Note: these are private homes. It’s okay to take photos from the street, but make sure not to trespass or do anything to disturb the residents! STORY & PHOTOS Though Showtime’s gruesomely delightful hit “Dexter” is set in Miami, most of the filming takes place in and around Long Beach, CA.

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    The Pink Motel from “Dexter”, “The O.C.”, and “The League”

    LOCATION The Pink Motel, which which was the scene of a bust on “Dexter,” a sleepover on “The O.C.,” and some shady shenanigans on “The League.” ADDRESS The Pink Motel 9457 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, CA STORY & PHOTOS The Pink Motel is one of those locations that pops up everywhere – I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen it in random movies or TV shows and been like, “oh hey, Pink Motel”.

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    Shoreline Village from “Dexter” and “The O.C.”

    LOCATION Shoreline Village, a collection of shops and restaurants in Long Beach, that has been used for the filming of “Dexter” and “The O.C.” to stand in for Miami and Newport Beach, respectively. ADDRESS Shoreline Village 429 Shoreline Village Drive Long Beach, CA shorelinevillage.com STORY & PHOTOS Long Beach, nestled between film mecca Los Angeles and the gorgeous beach cities of Orange County, is no stranger to TV and movies itself. Shows like “The O.C.” and “Dexter” have filmed in and around Long Beach.

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    The blood-spattered hotel from “Dexter”

    LOCATION The hotel with the blood-spattered room in which Dexter starts to have flashbacks about his mother’s murder in episode 110, “Seeing Red”. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT IN SCREEN CAPS BELOW. ADDRESS Marina del Rey Hotel 13534 Bali Way Marina del Rey, CA pacificahotels.com/marinadelreyhotel STORY & PHOTOS Though “Dexter” is set in Miami, FL, it’s primarily filmed in southern California.

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    The bowling alley from “Dexter”

    LOCATION The bowling alley where Dexter (Michael C. Hall) joins his colleagues in the second season of “Dexter”. ADDRESS AMF Bay Shore Lanes 234 Pico Boulevard Santa Monica, CA bowlmor.com STORY & PHOTOS Showtime’s “Dexter” is set in Miami, FL, but it’s mostly filmed near Los Angeles, CA.

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    Crossroads of the World from “Argo” and “L.A. Confidential”

    LOCATION Crossroads of the World, a Hollywood landmark which has been seen in film and television a few times. ADDRESS Crossroads of the World 6671 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA crossroadshollywood.com STORY & PHOTOS 1997’s “LA Confidential,” an old-Hollywood murder mystery starring Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, and Kim Basinger, exposes the seedy underbelly of scandal, police corruption, and tabloid journalism, and won two Academy Awards. Living up to its name, the film was shot almost entirely in Los Angeles and Hollywood, and at some legendary Hollywood landmarks.