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    Saved by the Max

    LOCATION Saved by the Max, a “Saved by the Bell”-themed restaurant based on the classic Max diner from the beloved 90s teen sitcom! ORIGINAL CHICAGO ADDRESS 1941 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60622 CURRENT LOS ANGELES ADDRESS 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA savedbythemax.com STORY & PHOTOS I visited Saved by the Max on a September 2016 visit to Chicago, but I didn’t realize until the creators were about to open their new Los Angeles location that I never wrote about the original! So here it is, my experience at a supremely “Saved by the Bell”-themed restaurant. (And, yes, I was a total dork and wore a “Saved by…

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    Eastern State Penitentiary from MTV’s “Fear”

    LOCATION Eastern State Penitentiary, a crumbly old prison that was the site of an episode of MTV’s spooky reality show “Fear”. ADDRESS Eastern State Penitentiary 2027 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA easternstate.org STORY & PHOTOS Despite being a scaredy cat, I am a true crime fanatic and I regularly watch and read murdery things. So it was only somewhat surprising that I was into MTV’s reality show “Fear”, which ran for two seasons between 2000 and 2002. In the show, six regular people would be plunked into a spooky haunted location and would have to complete freaky missions and spend the whole night there; if they succeeded, they’d win a cash…

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    Frank’s Bagels from “Grace and Frankie”

    LOCATION The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the grounds of Paramount Studios, which stands in for Frank’s Bagels in the third-season finale of “Grace and Frankie”. ADDRESS Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Paramount Studios 5555 Melrose Avenue Hollywood, CA paramountstudios.com STORY & PHOTOS Netflix’s great comedy “Grace and Frankie”, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, films at Hollywood’s Paramount Studios, and production makes great use of the studio lot. For instance, in the thirteenth episode of the third season, Sol (Sam Waterston) leads a protest of Frank’s Bagels. Frank’s is the best bagel place in town, but unfortunately is owned a run by a bigot (who’d protested the play…

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    The “Friends” apartment building

    LOCATION The exterior of the iconic apartment building where Monica (Courteney Cox), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), and Chandler (Matthew Perry) lived on the sitcom “Friends”. ADDRESS 90 Bedford Street (at Bedford & Grove in Greenwich Village) New York, NY Note: make sure not to trespass on any private property, but it’s fine to take photos from the street or sidewalk! STORY & PHOTOS “Friends” is one of those quintessential New York shows but, funnily enough, it didn’t film in New York. Rather, the 10-season sitcom was filmed at Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank, CA. That being said, the exterior of the apartment building that’s shown in frequent establishing…

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    The GoodFellas Diner from “GoodFellas”, “The Good Wife”, “You Don’t Know Jack”, “Going in Style”, and more

    LOCATION The GoodFellas Diner (previously the Clinton Diner) in Queens, which has been a filming location for dozens of movies and TV shows, including its namesake film, “GoodFellas”. ADDRESS GoodFellas Diner 5626 Maspeth Ave Maspeth, NY STORY & PHOTOS There are some filming locations that seem to pop up over and over and over again in tons of media, but they’re so everyday and somewhat nondescript that even though it may look familiar you wouldn’t necessarily be like, “oh, it’s that place again!” (Did I just make any sense? If not, sorry.) The GoodFellas Diner is one of those places; it’s appeared on screen so many times that you’ve certainly seen…

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    The 78th Precinct from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

    LOCATION The exterior of the precinct seen each week on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. ADDRESS 78th Precinct 65 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY STORY & PHOTOS I’m a huge fan of FOX’s police/workplace comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. It’s sincere, amazingly cast, and genuinely funny. If you don’t find yourself amused as hell by Captain Holt at least once an episode, rush immediately to your doctor because there is definitely something wrong with you. ANYWAY, I recently found myself in Brooklyn and decided a good decision would be to take an Uber to the actual Brooklyn precinct that stands in for the 99th precinct on the show (probably freaking out my Uber driver in the…

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    Kimmy and Titus’s apartment from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

    LOCATION The Brooklyn basement apartment where Kimmy (Ellie Kemper)  moves in with Titus (Tituss Burgess) in the very first episode of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and the stoop where landlord Lillian (Carol Kane) frequently sits and makes insane, hilarious comments. ADDRESS 74 Freeman St. Brooklyn, NY Note: this is a private residence. It’s okay to take photos from the street, but be sure not to trespass or disturb those who live there! STORY & PHOTOS Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” brainchild of Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, is one of the funniest shows in a long time, and it puts a fun and whimsical spin on New York, where former mole woman…

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    “Reality Stars Give Back” Toys for Tots Fundraiser

    WHERE VFW Hall, Portsmouth, NH WHEN December 4, 2015 Last Friday my friend Alex and I, who have both loved summertime guilty pleasure “Big Brother” for a long time, went to the 8th annual Reality Stars Give Back fundraiser for Toys for Tots in Portsmouth, NH. Despite the fact that this has been going on for eight years, this was the first year I’d ever gone. I think the appearances of our BB17 favorites Johnny Mac and Jason are what caught my eye. Anyway, we decided to go and I’m really glad we did!

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    Tom’s Bistro from “Parks and Recreation”

    LOCATION The Los Angeles eatery Delancey stands in for Tom’s Bistro, owned by Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) on “Parks and Recreation”. ADDRESS Delancey 5936 Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA delanceyhollywood.com STORY & PHOTOS  The lovable Tom Haverford on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” is always coming up with new business ideas and money-making schemes. Of course, most of them fail (most spectacularly, Entertainment 720). But one business that finally worked out for Tom was his restaurant, Tom’s Bistro. It took some trial-and-error, but with the help of his friends he made it stick.