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    Murderino Reading Challenge: 2019

    I’m not just a fan of movies and TV, I’m also a total podcast addict. I especially love true crime podcasts, as I was a complete “murderino” before that term even existed (went pretty hard on those Baby-sitters Club super mysteries and Sweet Valley High thrillers and chillers). As an avid reader, a Murderino Reading Challenge seems like the perfect thing to help me build my 2019 TBR list. Want to play (and slay) along? (Savable/printable graphic at the end of the post.) Look and listen, and read on for the categories and recommendations:  1. A book written by the host(s) of a true crime podcast. This is easy peasy for fans of…

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    Leslie Knope’s waffle necklace from “Parks and Recreation”

    Happy Valentine’s Day, “Parks and Rec” fans! If you’re like me, you swooned a little over Ben (Adam Scott) and Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) adorable V-Day treats for one another in this week’s episode. Leslie created a crazy and complicated but cute scavenger hunt for Ben (which Ron really enjoyed), and Ben got Leslie the playboy seal she’d dreamed about — wearing an adorable little waffle necklace.