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Clemente Park and Playground from “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”


The basketball court from the opening credits of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.


Clemente Park & Playground
1800 Wallace Street
Philadelphia, PA


Before we get into this, let’s just all take a moment to bop to one of the greatest TV theme songs of all time:

Good? Okay. Let’s do this.

My boyfriend Aaron is obsessed with “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, so when we were in Philadelphia recently I made it a point to take him to the basketball court from the “Fresh Prince” opening credits.

The basketball court really is in Philly (although, technically, not West Philadelphia where Will was born and raised).  It’s in the Spring Garden neighborhood, which is to the north, and it’s part of the Clemente Park and Playground.

Unfortunately it was all locked up on the day Aaron and I were there (I think we were too early; Google lists its hours as 1-9pm), but we did our best and snapped the photos we could.

On the bright side, the hoops and backboards look much the same as they did back in the 90s, and the background buildings and murals are mostly intact from the “Fresh Prince” era as well.


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc and Aaron Morse
Location found via IANAS

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