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The 78th Precinct from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”


The exterior of the precinct seen each week on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.


78th Precinct
65 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY


I’m a huge fan of FOX’s police/workplace comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. It’s sincere, amazingly cast, and genuinely funny. If you don’t find yourself amused as hell by Captain Holt at least once an episode, rush immediately to your doctor because there is definitely something wrong with you. ANYWAY, I recently found myself in Brooklyn and decided a good decision would be to take an Uber to the actual Brooklyn precinct that stands in for the 99th precinct on the show (probably freaking out my Uber driver in the process). Here’s how the precinct appears on the show:

And here’s how it appears in real life:

Pretty good match, right? In reality, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” films at Universal Studios in Hollywood, so the 78th precinct in Brooklyn is just used as an exterior establishing shot. Still, it’s cool to see it in person and have an Amy-Santiago-thinking-about-binders photo op. (Also: you can totally take a tour of Universal and probably see some “B99” filming locations there!)


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc and Aaron Morse

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