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Bulloch County Courthouse from “Now and Then”


Bulloch County Courthouse, seen in the background of many scenes from “Now and Then”.


Bulloch County Courthouse
20 Siebald Street
Statesboro, GA


“Now and Then”, set in Indiana in the 1970s, was filmed in and around Savannah, Georgia. One location that pops up in the background of a lot of scenes is the Bulloch County Courthouse.

We first see the courthouse in a flyover shot of a wedding, but it pops up again once or twice in the background. You can see it through the diner window and behind the treehouse, as well as behind the girls on their bikes.

The Bulloch County Courthouse is an impressive building:

It is just across the street from the Averitt Center for the Arts, which stood in as the library, and just down the street from the diner where the girls take a Cosmo quiz and from the storm drain where Crazy Pete saves Samantha later in the film.


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Photos by Christina LeBlanc and Patti LeBlanc

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