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“Pretty Little Liars” Playlist: Ezria

This extensive playlist (available free on Spotify; click here) includes the following major Ezria jams:

“Happiness” by The Fray // B26 on the jukebox, “the Ezria song”

“More of You” by MoZella // plays the first time they kiss

“Redeeming Love” by Amy Stroup // plays when they share a kiss outside the art exhibit

“Wicked Game” by Gemma Hayes // soundtracks the first time they have sex on the show

“Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum // playing in the S2 finale when they dance/kiss on the dance floor

“Everything Has Its Way” by Katie Costello // when Ezra gives Aria his lucky necklace

“Nothin But Trouble” by Lily Lane // Aria throws the book Ezra gave her across the room

…plus many more songs from the show’s Ezria scenes! Enjoy listening to this mix when you’re feeling a little hot for teacher…


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