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Brick and Zoe’s medical office from “Hart of Dixie”


The medical practice co-owned by Brick and Zoe (inherited from her father) on “Hart of Dixie”.


Warner Brothers Studio
3400 W Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA


When Zoe moves to Bluebell, she finds out that her late father has left her his half of a medical practice. Great, right? Except she has to deal with the competitive and snide Brick Breeland and try to bring in 30% of the practice’s business in a town where everyone treats her like she has the plague. Zoe, of course, is up to the challenge!

In the pilot episode, producers used a home (or perhaps a B&B) in Wilmington, NC, as the exterior of the practice. It looked like this:


The show continued to use that exterior shot to establish scenes, but now that the show films on the backlot at Warner Brothers in Burbank, CA, exterior scenes for the medical practice can also be filmed at a house on the studio’s King’s Row, which is adjacent to the town square.

If you get close you can see the signage on the door:

You can get a peek at the outside of the medical practice by taking the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. I’ve actually been able to walk through the interior of the practice, which is assembled on a soundstage, as part of one of my tours. (Photos aren’t allowed on sound stages, or trust me – I’d have a million!)


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc