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Toby and Jenna’s house from “Pretty Little Liars”


The house where Toby and Jenna lived on “Pretty Little Liars”… you know, before it got blown up.


Warner Brothers Studio
3400 W Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA


You know what they say: “never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret”. One of the secrets of “Pretty Little Liars” is that the whole town of Rosewood is created on the Warner Brothers Studio lot in Burbank, CA. On the one hand, none of the places the girls go aren’t real; on the other hand, you can visit them all by taking the Warner Brothers Studio tour.

The house where Toby (Keegan Allen) lived in Rosewood appears in several episodes:



The facade used for Toby and Jenna’s house is right off of the Midwest town square set, only a few houses down from the exterior sets used for Emily and Spencer’s houses.


Its life on the show goes out with a bang, though, when it gets blown the hell up in Season 5’s fifth episode! The PLLs are at Emily’s house watching a news report when all of a sudden the living room window bursts:


When everyone runs outside, they see flaming wreckage and realize what has happened.






Toby’s house, where he and Jenna grew up, has totally exploded. According to one of my Warner Brothers Studio tour guides, when “Pretty Little Liars” producers asked to blow up the house, the studio was very cool with it because they’d been wanting to change that facade up anyway. (Normally a production has to restore every set and facade to look exactly like it did before they got there, except in special circumstances like this, where the studio wants to keep the changes or make further changes.)


The last time I took the Warner Brothers tour, they were working on re-constructing the home to look very different (as you can see above). I wonder what the end result will be!


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc and Lily Elowitch


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  139. I, m additionally Anti methadone, the Dr, s do not inform you that the methadone is equally as
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  140. A 2005 German research study checked out the influence of methadone and also buprenorphine on plasma testosterone levels, and also
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    did not significantly alter these testosterone degrees.

  141. I recommend that just to play it secure and even to potentially make on your own feel better anyways by limiting the possible impacts of a small naloxone counteraction in the
    Leave it in regarding 10 mins, spew it out (politely/privately), after that wash your mouth with water and also spew that out.

  142. In 2005, Dr. Katz granted an agreement to HMA to evaluate the clinical solutions
    version at LHH.

  143. Just like the excessive usage of a lot of substance abuses, it is feasible to overdose as well as die from methadone and even Suboxone misuse.

  144. Supposedly when spoken to, Mayor Fiore and also others had no clue
    that this Middletown facility was dispersing methadone to addicts from communities in the
    surround the area.

  145. Methadone is likewise an impressive pain medication as well as made use of in cancer treatment for one.

  146. Continuous support, counseling and also treatment are called for to avoid regression after detoxing in the house.

  147. Taken daily, methadone eases opiate drawback for 24 to 36 hours, reducing the chance of relapse.

  148. However these medicines are generally only efficient when the detox process has proceeded,
    such that the person is just taking 30 or fewer mg of methadone per day.

  149. As a result I assert that I had a government caused freedom passion and even assumption,
    as an individual of an Opioid Therapy Program, to be examined by the suggesting physician to identify if Medication Assisted Therapy must be stopped as well as if so, just how.

  150. I understand a couple of close friends that took suboxone as well as it helped
    a lot, however its still a prescription supplement that does lug particular negative

  151. The problem with methadone is that it does the specific very same
    point any other narcotic does, create dopamine, a natural chemical linked in the incentive path
    of the human brain, as well as the factor obsession takes place to begin with
    with narcotics.

  152. It’s partially the exhilaration of living off the grid (simply one
    more reason that you’ll love wild survival).

  153. Methadone is identified as a semi-synthetic opioid that is made use of main as an analgesic as well as for opiate reliance.

  154. Methadone lowers the medicine cravings and also severe withdrawal signs
    that are typically associated with a client’s relapse, without producing the sense of euphoria connected with the misuse of
    heroin and also other narcotics.

  155. Opiate addicts that got in methadone programs were almost 5 times more likely to die from medicine
    overdoses within the first four weeks of therapy than those
    that got in buprenorphine programs, baseding on a research released online in The
    Lancet in September.

  156. Over 700 people have already been registered in methadone treatment in 3 locations – in Malindi and Mombasa on the shore,
    as well as in the funding city of Nairobi.

  157. Please, if you understand an individual taking this deadly medication and even you right here them snoring loudly call 911 does not need to be mistreated one 10 mg
    Methadone tablet could kill.

  158. Most those referred are homeless single females
    that searching for extensive case administration services that will certainly connect them to shelter, food, health and wellness solutions as well as
    other solutions important to their personal safety and security as well as successful finalization of medicine therapy.

  159. A user can decrease their possibilities of suffering from an overdose by
    adhering to the dosage guidelines.

  160. It also has been made use of in the treatment of alcoholism and also other kinds
    of drug abuse, however official evidence is awaited.

  161. At Hamilton’s John Street Facility, concerning 20 per-cent of
    males who are suggested methadone also need some sort of hormonal
    agent replacement treatment, officials say.

  162. Where they meet up with the skin around the
    encounter the the main lips often affects.

  163. For methadone individuals, typical road doses of heroin are inefficient at creating ecstasy, making
    the use of heroin much less preferable.

  164. At the time, prescription medicines were the only option for lots of OHP patients,
    as the program didn’t pay for alternatives
    such as physical treatment or chiropractic therapies.

  165. A major goal of obsession treatment is to ensure individuals’ re-entry right into efficient activities and even positive social

  166. Data also specify that methadone is adding to even more deaths all over the
    country after that heroine and also just second to cocaine deaths.

  167. Reliable dependency treatment establishments will supply a variety of therapy
    programs to fulfill the particular demands of each
    individual client.

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