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The Apple Rose Grille from “Pretty Little Liars”


The Apple Rose Grille, a restaurant in Rosewood that the girls and their friends and families frequent.


Warner Brothers Studio
3400 W Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA


You know what they say: “never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret”. One of the secrets of “Pretty Little Liars” is that the whole town of Rosewood is created on the Warner Brothers Studio lot in Burbank, CA. On the one hand, none of the places the girls go are real; on the other hand, you can visit them all by taking the Warner Brothers Studio tour.

One of the girls’ early hangouts is the Apple Rose Grille:

(Fun fact: this is the same set/exterior that was used for Luke’s Diner on “Gilmore Girls”.) It’s part of the Midwest town backlot at Warner Brothers, which is also used a lot for “Hart of Dixie”. Here’s how the Apple Rose Grille looks in person:

You’ll definitely see it if you take the WB studio tour (unless they’re using it to film that day). The Midwest town is a big feature of the tour, so you’ll see nearby sets like the church, the city hall, and the high school if you’re in that area.


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc

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