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The Mermaid Inn from “The O.C.” (NOW CLOSED)


The Mermaid Inn, the sketchy motel where many a tryst happened on “The O.C.”.


Beach Plaza Hotel
2010 E Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA


UPDATE: Sadly, the Beach Plaza Hotel has closed and been demolished, according to Seeing-Stars.

The cheesy Mermaid Inn on FOX’s teen soap “The O.C.” has a storied history.

It’s where Theresa (Ravi Nawat) stays:

In fact, it’s where Ryan (Ben McKenzie) and Theresa hook up (and make a baby?).

And it’s where Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke) has an affair with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend Luke (Chris Carmack).

Newport Beach’s least classy destination is actually Long Beach’s Beach Plaza Hotel. Based on the photos on the website, it looks like the hotel is fairly similar to how it was portrayed on the show, except instead of the posh shores of Newport it’s in the slightly less posh Long Beach. (Yes, it’s true – most of “The O.C.” wasn’t actually filmed in Orange County. Gasp!) Here’s how it really looks:

Whaddya think? Would you take Julie Cooper there?


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc

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