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Shoreline Village from “Dexter” and “The O.C.”


Shoreline Village, a collection of shops and restaurants in Long Beach, that has been used for the filming of “Dexter” and “The O.C.” to stand in for Miami and Newport Beach, respectively.


Shoreline Village
429 Shoreline Village Drive
Long Beach, CA


Long Beach, nestled between film mecca Los Angeles and the gorgeous beach cities of Orange County, is no stranger to TV and movies itself. Shows like “The O.C.” and “Dexter” have filmed in and around Long Beach.

Shoreline Village, a cute waterfront shopping and dining center, has been used on “The O.C.” as the pier where Seth and Ryan get pizza:

and a restaurant where Kirsten meets Caleb for lunch in episode 121, “The Goodbye Girl”:

Here’s a similar sight IRL:

It’s also been on “Dexter”; the show constructed a Santa’s Village scene among the shops in episode 111 “Truth Be Told”.

The Ice Truck Killer had created a gruesome Christmas tree scene littered with the body parts of one of his victims. He also left behind a videotape with a message from a victim, which Dexter, Deb, and the others view:

The spot below was the backdrop for the police gathering to watch the video that the Ice Truck Killer left behind.

And here is the spot where the macabre Christmas tree scene was set up:

The green barn-looking building, which is actually a theatre, was used as the comic book store crime scene in Season 2:

In that same episode, La Guerta and Doakes have a conversation along the Shoreline Village boardwalk. You might recognize this view:

Shoreline Village is definitely a cute spot for an afternoon sight-seeing or shopping stop.

It has 12 restaurants and dessert eateries, more than 10 shops, and opportunities for water-based activities like sailing.


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc

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