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Blowfish Sushi (NOW CLOSED) from “The Hills”


Blowfish Sushi, the location for Jason’s birthday dinner on the first season of “The Hills”, which is unfortunately now closed.


Blowfish Sushi
9229 W Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA


MTV’s popular docu-drama “The Hills” showcased pretty people drinking, dating, and drama-ing in the glittery town of Hollywood, CA. Since “The Hills” is a “reality” show, many of the restaurants, clubs, and other locales are easy to find and visit if you’re in the L.A. area.

In episode 105, “Jason’s Birthday”, Lauren, Jason, and pals hit Blowfish Sushi to celebrate Jason’s birthday. In attendance are Heidi, Audrina, Brian, Jordan, and even Kyndra from season 3 of “Laguna Beach”. Unfortunately the night ends on an awkward note, as Lauren feels ignored by Jason all night and he decides to go out with his friends after dinner instead of going home with her.

Blowfish has since closed. Bummer! On the bright side, in its place is celebrity nightlife hotspot Bootsy Bellows, which is owned by David Arquette and frequented by much of young Hollywood.


Written by Christina LeBlanc

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