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“The Office”: the real Scranton


Scranton, Pennsylvania, where “The Office” is set (but not filmed).


The Mall at Steamtown
300 Lackawanna Ave
Scranton, PA

Poor Richard’s
125 Beech Street
Scranton, PA


Ain’t no party like a Scranton party cause a Scranton party don’t stop!

Or, at least, that’s what Michael Scott would have you believe. But in reality, Scranton seems more like a city where dreams go to die. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh, but there’s really not much there – unless you’re a major fan of NBC’s wry and hilariously awkward hit show “The Office”. Though “The Office” is filmed in sunny Southern California, it’s set in dreary Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Though “The Office” is not actually filmed in Scranton, PA, it is where the show’s fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin is located, and where the show is set. And if you’re a dedicated fan of “The Office”, you’ll enjoy all the town’s nods to the show. Driving through the town, you’ll notice little touches such as Dunder Mifflin signs. The city is proud to be the (fictional) home of the struggling paper company.

Your first stop in town might be the Mall at Steamtown.

You’ll recall that in one episode of “The Office”, Michael took the ladies here for a Women’s Appreciation Day. At the mall, you can find several items of “Office” memorabilia – such as Dunder Mufflin signs, cardboard cutouts of the characters, as well as the Scranton Welcomes You sign that is seen in the show’s opening credits.

One of the major hangouts for the characters on the show is Poor Richard’s, a bar/pub where they go to let loose after a day of tedious office work.

The real Poor Richard’s is located inside South Side Bowl in Scranton, and welcomes “Office” fans with open arms!

The bar itself has televisions for watching sports games, dartboards, and karaoke on some nights. In the bowling alley, you can buy Poor Richard’s items such as shot glasses and t-shirts. They make great souvenirs for you or gifts for your “Office”-obsessed friends!

So it seems that the “Office” tour of Scranton is fairly short, but if you’re a big time fan it makes a great day trip or quirky weekend getaway!

Enjoy the nonstop party of Scranton… and if you run into Meredith drunkly stumbling around in an alley, head in the opposite direction!


Written by Christina LeBlanc
Location photos by Christina LeBlanc, Sarah Davis, and Cyndi McShane

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